Why should I pay for your computer when I can get one for cheaper?

It is important to make apples to apples comparisons. You can not compare a mass produced PC designed to be made as cheaply as possible to a professional grade workstation. There are components in our systems (like some of our video cards, memory, processors etc...) that are more expensive than an entire computer. Our computers are competitively priced with Workstations made by other manufacturers.

Speed - Our systems are optimized for 2 dimensional trading and business applications for use in a multi-monitor trading environment. It does not matter if you are a high volume scalper or momentum trader a technician or a strategy tester. We have the instant video performance demanded by the scalper or momentum trader where milliseconds are critical. The powerful processing power demanded by the technician viewing numerous charts with many indicators. As well as the fast disk speeds needed by the strategy tester who is testing his theories over long time frames.

Stability - Dependable technology is critical to a trader's success. Our systems go through an extensive "Burn in Process" where all the components are stressed to the max so that any weaknesses will be exposed from the outset.

Support- All major manufactures at this time do not support more than two monitor configurations. Don't believe us? Call them yourselves and ask them. They may sell you the components but they will not support you and will most often void your warranty if you alter your computer to accept more than two displays.

Compatibility with your trading applications -We work with the different brokerage firms to design a system that is optimized for their trading application. We also run your trading application of choice using your layout and monitor the computers performance at high volume times.

Simplicity- Your trading applications and even your layouts can come preinstalled on our systems so you can be up and trading in minutes.

Industry knowledge - Many of our personnel have been in the direct access trading industry for years and understand your unique needs.

Remote Administration - Our support personnel can connect to your computer over the internet so that they can more efficiently diagnose problems with your system.

Disaster recovery - Spy ware, viruses and hackers have becoming a growing concern in recent times. If any computer is infected then it can be brought to a screeching halt. The only remedy often times is to completely reformat your computer erasing all remnants of the infection. This traditionally takes hours to complete. Traders Technology has a system that can reduce this time to around 6 minutes! Your computer can be back to its original factory condition in minutes significantly reducing downtime.

Rest easy with Trader Technology's Customer Support
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